dorosłych, młodzieży, dzieci, par,
psychoterapia rodzinna


Psychotherapy for adults, adolescents also available in English
Psychological consultations aimed at determining the type and direction of assistance
Issuing psychological opinions for assessment teams or individual needs
Online Psychotherapy – I provide assistance via the internet through video transmission

Halina Lenartowicz

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist by profession. I completed a five-year full-time master’s degree program with a specialization in clinical psychology and personality. I began my educational path in the field of psychotherapy at the Polish Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy MKN in Krakow. I received a diploma upon completing the 4-year program in 2019. The program of the Institute is in line with the requirements for training in the profession of psychotherapist as described in the Regulation of the Minister of Health of June 19, 2019. I participate in supervision at the Polish Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy MKN and continuously improve my qualifications. I am a member of the Polish Society of Integrative and Systemic Psychotherapy as well as the Polish Federation of Psychotherapy.


I also collaborate with Mrs. Dominika Orzechowska as part of the PSYCHOLOGICAL-SEXOLOGICAL CENTER

Direct phone contact for Mrs. Dominika:
tel: +48 500 285 553